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What Aura Are You?

May 25, 2023

Have you gone into a conference room or a board meeting and felt a certain atmosphere before anyone started talking? That atmosphere or aura is somehow generated by the people in that space. Sometimes it is also affected by the location, the color of the room or the things in it.

This happens to me frequently. As I am walking into the exam room, before anyone opens their mouth, I usually have a sense of the ambience created by the patient. The unspoken word is sometimes subtle yet powerful. It has the ability to change what you think and how you feel. As for me, I use that as a radar to detect if there is any favorable, challenging, or depressing. Then I choose my words carefully, according what the vibe is.

How do you want other people to perceive you? In other words, what kind of aura do you want to radiate?

Recently, I attended a female physicians conference. It was a nice group of amazing women in the same room. I was invited to speak in front of the group about patient charting and time management. I shared like I normally would with a small group of friends or in a podcast. After the brief talk, a couple physicians came up to me to thank me for what I do and how I help other physicians with coaching. One physician told me that I was “radiating happiness”.

That was one of the best compliments I have ever received! Radiating happiness. That was truly how I felt when I was sharing how grateful I was to be introduced to life coaching, how excited I was to be able to help other physicians to enjoy life again, and how I did not feel exhausted despite doing a lot more than I did 2 years ago.

How you feel and what you focus on in your mind somehow causes external manifestations. It may be a form of an odorless but meaningful aroma, either pleasant or unpleasant for other people to experience. Are you feeling what others perceive you as feeling a certain emotion?

What do you think your most common aura is? If you are not sure, find someone you are comfortable with and ask. Is that the aura you want to emit? Is that your authentic self?

It is possible to change the aura you give out. It is not just about the situation you are in. It is what you think and what attitude you choose to live life. I choose to be grateful because I see all the things that are given to me. I do not take things for granted. That keeps me grounded. That also serves as a reminder for me to always help others the way I know best given a particular situation.

As I am a human too, I do not expect to radiate the same type of aura every minute of my life, and that is okay. There are always going to be moments with some unpleasant flavors, yet their existence is less than what they used to be. Being grateful and being my authentic self result in a vibe of radiating happiness. That is a simple recipe to appreciate the goodness in life and to share with others sharing space with you.

What do you think your most common aura is? Do you like that aura? If not, what flavor do you prefer instead?

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