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Are you a physician who is stressed, overwhelmed, burnout or stuck in your current situation? Do you feel that you don’t have time to spend with your family, let alone take care of yourself? Does charting and administrative tasks extend beyond clinic hours leaving you unable to control your days? Are you just going through the motions of daily grind and wondering, is this really living?


If you said yes to any of the scenarios above, you are at the right place.


I am here to help! I am here to guide you to feel better, find efficiency with charting and administration, regain control and manage time - to live life...really in the present, really to its fullest.


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Diving into 1:1 Coaching for Physicians

Turn on the light of awareness.
Show up for yourself.
Create the life you want.

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Hi! I’m Mary Leung, a physician certified life coach. I help physicians who feel trapped, devalued, stressed and overworked to regain control, to rediscover the joy in life and in medicine. 

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The Ultimate Guide to Combating Burnout

Recognize the stages of burnout, learn and practice what you can do to say

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Want to feel better and have a work-life balance?Get my FREE offer to You -

The Ultimate Guide to Combating Burnout

Recognize the stages of burnout, learn and practice what you can do to say good-bye to stress and overwhelm.

Yes, I'm ready!

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"I write this testimonial with the utmost sincerity and gratitude in my heart for the healing work of Dr. Leung. I am a Physician myself, and in 2022 went through an extremely difficult time in my life when I was diagnosed with cancer. Feelings of dissatisfaction and low self worth had plagued me for many years but did not see a realistic way to forge ahead without drastically disrupting my life. Well, the diagnosis of cancer felt like the nail in the coffin. So much time spent feeling unfulfilled and trapped and now not knowing whether I would get the chance to fully realize what I am capable of was now an additional stressor. Everything in my life at that point felt insurmountable. Under the advice of friends, colleagues and family I decided to give Dr. Leung's coaching sessions a try . I wasn't sure how taking this course at my lowest point would be helpful. How could I absorb what she had to offer when I didn't feel ready to listen.
What Dr. Leung gave me was a mirror, a window into how and why my mind thinks the way that it does. She was able to help me see that the truths I believed to be concrete for so many years were my truths not really reality. I created these barriers with my thinking patterns. She taught me how to recognize them, deal with them and create an alternate truth that I would eventually believe. Needless to say I got past the cancer diagnosis and I am no longer just surviving but I am thriving. She was the momentum I needed and I will forever be grateful for her coaching and now for her friendship."
- Dr. Naomi J., Hospitalist


"I am most excied about the fact that for the first tine in years I am up to date with all my labs and charts. I have a goal I set every monring and my staff has been supportive with less interruptions letting me finish my thoughts/notes before moving on to the next thing."


- Dr. LP, Family Medicine


In early 2022, Mary approached me to discuss her new business venture in life coaching. 
I confess, I am pretty skeptical towards any kind of “self-help” program. However, having been longtime friends, I observed a spark in Mary’s conviction. Reading her blogs further revealed a treasure she so eagerly wanted to share. 
In exchange for a project to help Mary launch “Shining With Gratitude M.D.,” I asked for one coaching session. Fast forward to the present, that one session has multiplied! Even though Mary’s specialty is dedicated to medical professionals, her life advice has truly been transformative. 
Through Mary’s patient listening and helpful questions, I became more self-aware. I found freedom to own my thoughts and feelings —the good and even the bad. This process nurtured self-acceptance and a newfound confidence.
It was okay to be me. When I sought change, Mary suggested opportunities to take. She challenged my fears, self-doubt, and assumptions. When confronting unwanted situations, she offered alternative perspectives to redirect my mind and actions. 
Nowadays I am better at  confronting challenges. Having better clarity on  what I can/cannot control, allows me to be hopeful and open minded with the experience.
I'm deeply grateful for Mary. Her insightful 1:1 coaching sessions are invaluable. 
— JC