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Time To Celebrate

Dec 26, 2022

Many of us celebrate different things. The most common celebration is for holidays. At this time of the year, people of different religions celebrate different holidays. Take Christmas for example. Christians around the world celebrate the birth of Christ Jesus.

The celebration of Christmas has extended beyond religious boundaries. Growing up in Hong Kong, most people do not identify themselves as Christians, yet, Christmas Day is a public holiday – a holiday set when Hong Kong was a British colony. The decorations of bright and colorful lights are on many high rise buildings. Many shopping malls also have very extensive decorations which are picture worthy. Most decorations are not really related to the true biblical meaning of the holiday. People celebrate more because it is a day off to spend with family and friends. It is a holiday of gifting, to show appreciation of other people and to be joyful.

To celebrate a holiday, a person or an event requires you to consider there is something to be joyful about, something you appreciate. That makes you feel merry, cheerful, grateful and hopeful. You may have some other words to describe your feelings, and I imagine they are mostly in the blissful and lighthearted category.

The question is when it is time to celebrate. Do you wait until some special holidays or occasions to celebrate, such as weddings, baby showers or birthdays? When is it okay to celebrate?

Since there is no celebration police, you can celebrate whenever you want, for whatever occasion, and for how many times you want. I always find any possible reason to celebrate.  At work, I find time to celebrate birthdays for the month with either a luncheon or some desserts. On a regular day, I celebrate the seemingly ordinary things. I celebrate with the patients who are responding well with treatment. I celebrate that I finish my clinical day on time. I celebrate that my clinical staff work extremely well as a team. I celebrate when I have completed several patient charts.

Celebration is full of joy and appreciation. It is filled of gratitude and jubilation. The more we celebrate, the more you get to experience these emotions. To be able to function during most of the day with these positive energy makes you more refreshed, renewed, encouraged and motivated. This translates to being more efficient, more focused, getting your work done faster and better.

I invite you to find more reasons to celebrate. I celebrate you for you. I celebrate you for your accomplishments.

Celebrate something every day. Anything big or small. Make anytime a time to celebrate. The more you look, the more things you will find to toast to. You will find yourself accomplishing more things with less time and less stress.


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