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The Power Of Past Victories

Oct 12, 2023

Remember the time when you were young and wanted something really badly. Something that you had to work for. You worked hard. There were ups and downs. And you finally succeeded.

Traveling back to the present. There are many challenges in life, big and small. You really want to achieve that goal but it seems impossible. It is not something you have done before. You do not think you are the person who can do it. When you think this way, how does that feel?

There is always a first time to accomplish something. The first time you walked. The first time you got 100% on your math test. The first time you finished a big project. The first time you got a major promotion at work. How is the current challenge different from the past experiences?

Do not take your success for granted. Look at your past victories carefully. Choose one victory to examine. When you were going through that challenge, how did you feel? When you were thinking that success was near, you were probably hopeful, energized and curious about what would happen next. That was probably interlinked with bouts of doubt when you were not sure if you could do it. There were moments of anxiety. There were moments of feeling deflated. It is normal to have all of these emotions.

Despite all the mixed feelings, you succeeded. You had your victory. As you were getting closer and closer to reaching your goal, how did you feel? Did you spend more time in feeling the pleasant emotions?

Besides the emotions, think back in time what your visions were. Were you imagining and anticipating more what victory would be like rather than doubting if you would succeed?

Think about how you conquered that challenge. What did you learn from it? What technique did you use? What new skills did you learn from it? It is very important to examine what kind of person you have become by succeeding in that particular challenge.

If you look closer, your life has far more victories than you give yourself credit for. In the pursuit of your victory, what worked and what did not work? Look into the treasures left behind that big victory. All the learning and growing moments. You brought your best. At times when you were in doubt, when others were in doubt, you kept going. You were persistent, envisioning that success was getting closer and closer. You believed in yourself. You believed in the possibility. You did not quit.

Your past can be your great mentor. Draw from your past experiences, especially from the past victories. You brought your best to face the challenge. You were persistent. You did not give up in face of failure. There is so much to learn from those past victories. Learn from the attitude. Lean into the method you used to face the challenged and succeeded.

Be curious. Curiosity is the secret sauce to achieving victory. When you are curious, your mind will be open to different possibilities to do things. You may even come up with something you have never done before. It is also easier to learn from your past victories. Go get your victory and celebrate!

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