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Practice Mindfulness

Mar 02, 2023

One of my favorite things to do is to go on the beach in a mid-summer day. A beach where it is not crowded with umbrellas or people. A beach where I can see almost no end from one side to the other. A beach you can drive on with a special permit. There I get to sit on the beach towel and relax. With no one around but my family. I enjoy not thinking about anything but experiencing the moment. The warm fine sand rubbing against my feet. The vibrant color of seashells shining under the inviting sun. And the breeze from the ocean – just the perfect movement to brush against my hair. I feel the warmth inside out, as if a fire started after kindling. The warmth radiates out from the center of my chest, spreading outward to my fingertips and toes.

The practice to increase your awareness is best to do it in peace, when you are not in a hurry. Staying and fully experiencing the moment, the present, not having thoughts about what you have to do next, or prepare what may or may not happen.

I feel connected to the nature when I am at peace to appreciate my surroundings. It promotes calmness and content. It also generates immense gratitude within me, because I appreciate the creation of this Earth.

Practice mindfulness is simply to make time to be fully present in the moment, without thoughts about your past or your future. Without an agenda. It is simply to experience what is within our body and the interaction with our environment.

You may think that there is no time to even think about doing anything close to being mindful. You are busy all day long, rushing in, rushing out, barely catching your breath, commuting, speeding, cooking, cleaning, or other chores on your plate.

There is no set time limit as to how long to practice mindfulness. I do encourage you, though, to do it daily. Whatever is done on a regular basis will gradually become a habit. It will become second nature, so much so that it will be strange not to spend some time on mindfulness one day.

Mindfulness is to spend time in the non-judgmental zone. To observe and to experience what the world is like. To appreciate the beauty and to express gratitude.

There is no standard method to practice mindfulness. Anytime and anywhere you can increase your awareness and be present will do. You get to find the time and place that suits your daily routine. You may decide to practice mindfulness in the shower, while driving, washing dishes, or you can choose to set apart a scheduled time to sit down, close your eyes and truly feel with all your senses.

The daily practice of mindfulness will improve your concentration. You will have better focus on the things you want to do and have more ability to decrease the distractions. This will increase your efficiency and create more time of your day.

Mindfulness will also increase clarity. It becomes easier to see and understand what you want and what your goals are. When you have clarity, you will know what direction to go.

Mindfulness increase acceptance. Accepting who you are, where you are, and accepting what you cannot control. There is peace in it. Acceptance does not have to be positive or negative; it simply is let it be.

The kindness and compassion that comes with mindfulness stems from awareness and acceptance. Together, these virtues enhance the human connection, which in turn makes our existence more present and more meaningful.

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