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Mother’s Day Tribute: Thank You For Letting Go

May 15, 2023

There are many things I learned from my Mom. She is a woman who is gentle yet strong, compassionate yet decisive, smart yet always ready to learn. She shaped who I am today.

One of the best attributes my Mom has is the ability to let go. As a physician who enjoyed her work, she naturally hoped that I would be a doctor some day. However, she gracefully let go of that belief and was open to other possibilities for me in life. Never a day did she even hint that I should be a physician. She always told me that she just wanted the best for me, and wanted me to be happy. It somehow became a rite of passage for me to become a physician – maybe because there was never the pressure for me to become one.

Mom is always ready to let go of her pride. She does not pretend to know it all. She is always curious. She is always in a learning mode. She is always asking questions. She does not put up a façade. She is a life-time learner, and she always applies her knowledge, be it in patient care or some technology.

Thank you, Mom, for your love. Your love is deeper than the deepest ocean. As much as you want to keep me by your side, thank you for letting me go. You opened my eyes to the world outside. You let me practice survive in the wild when I was eight years old. To this day, I still remember that experience vividly. That was when I attended a camp that included rock climbing, minimalist camping, operating and living on a big sailboat, and doing team work with people I did not know. The first time spending an entire week away from home, learning how to be independent, be strong, be adventurous, be ready to try new things.

You let me go again in my senior year of high school, to live by myself in a dormitory half way around the world, experience cultural shock and an entire new educational experience.

All these experiences have become my priceless possessions. My data bank that I can look back and see how far I have come.

I have become a physician to help those in need by the best way I know. This journey has unexpectedly included coaching other physicians as my identity, to help them get out of where it used to be my darkest place. I felt stuck, overwhelmed, stressed and annoyed. I learned from Mom to be open to opportunities, to be curious, to explore different possibilities. The concept of life coaching was more foreign to me than when I moved from Hong Kong to New England by myself in 12th grade. Mom taught me that it is always a learning and growing process. She taught me it is okay to let go of my beliefs and be open to other possibilities. I did not think that I could feel any better than I was but I gave it a try anyway. I am so grateful I did. I let go of my mundane routine and gained back my soul, my integrity, and rediscovered my purpose on Earth.

Are you ready to let go some of your firm beliefs and be open to other possibilities or opportunities? Are you ready for a transformation that is unimaginable? Sometimes the first step is to let go of the firm grip of your default thinking or your engrained concept which seemed so natural to you.

Thank you, Mom, for your immeasurable love and for your amazing example of just being you. Even though we do not get to see each other often, you are always in my heart.

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