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Collaboration Or Competition

Jan 19, 2023

One of my physician friends shared with our group that she reached out to another physician (let’s call her Dr. A) to inquire about a possible chance of some kind of collaboration in a project. Dr. A’s reply was no because she did not want to team up with someone who would be her competition.

I was taken back by Dr. A’s response. I do not know Dr. A but I imagine what she is thinking. Is Dr. A thinking that between the two of them, there can only be one winner? Or does she think that if people resonate with my friend, there will be no one requesting for Dr. A’s services? Either way, I think Dr. A is likely operating in the realm of scarcity.

Scarcity is associated with feeling inadequate. There is not enough supply for everyone. It is as if there is only one pie of a set size. Once you cut a slice out, you have that much less pie left. You tend to see others as competition because if that other person gets a slice, there is less left for you. You prefer not to share because that pie is yours. Or at least that is what you believe.

I beg the differ. I believe in lifting one another up. I believe that by helping others win, I win too. It is possible to have a win-win situation. I believe there is a limitless supply. Instead of having one pie with a fixed size, my version of the pie is expandable. Whenever I help others, the pie grows, and it has limitless potential. For all you know, the pie can grow into infinity.

Collaboration is much more fulfilling. To collaborate with someone is to believe that you all can work in harmony, can keep each other accountable, and can bring out the best of each person. Working together may bring up ideas which separate individuals cannot dream of.

To work together is a chance to learn from one another. To be more efficient. To be more creative. To be an example of what is possible.

Collaboration starts with a mindset of abundance. There is always going to be enough to share. There is room for more than one person to be standing. When you feel that there is enough and you are not lacking anything, it is natural for you to share.

You get to decide what your view is: collaboration or competition. I think collaboration is a much more constructive way to live. To focus on abundance. To focus on helping others. To focus on improving humanity. To focus on creating even more abundance. To focus on limitless potential.

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