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Avoid Comparison At Work For Physicians

Aug 14, 2023

We human beings are meant to exist in groups, yet we also tend to compare ourselves with others. As physicians, some may compare their productivity, research accomplishments, or recognition with their colleagues. Sometimes the comparison is within the same institution, while other times, the comparison is between two different practices.

Such comparison is often unhealthy and decreases productivity and efficiency. When you compare yourself to others, oftentimes you choose someone whom you considered to be better than you in what you are comparing with. For example, you are comparing with a colleague who is seeing more patients yet finishing up his charts sooner than you. Or you are comparing with another colleague who is somehow generating more RVUs than you do.

When you are comparing with someone this way, you likely will feel discouraged. Your self-esteem may be threatened. The more you dwell in these thoughts, the less likely you are able to focus on your work. You focus more on how the other person is doing rather than your own effort. The thing you are focused more on is your shortcomings. This translates to less productivity and less efficiency. The end result is that you are going home even later than you anticipated.

It is important to remember that there is no end in comparing – meaning that when you are comparing with someone about something, you can find more things to compare with. This can lead to a downward spiral that is never ending. You may even start to pick someone else to compare with. All the feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, low self-esteem and low self-confidence may come out, not to mention envy.

It is time to stop comparing yourself with others. That coworker may seem to be more efficient than you because she saw more patients and finished charting in a timely fashion. If you do not view that as a hint of possibility for you to be able to achieve the same, then comparing yourself with that other person is a burden.

Instead of comparing yourself with others, focus on comparing with yourself instead. Comparing your current self with your old self. Look at how far you have come. See how much you have accomplished. You will see your progress and this will increase your confidence. This will lead to more confidence at work, which is a pleasant and a more positive energy to use. Comparing your old self and focus on your achievements will likely give you a boost of energy. It will likely fuel your day with more focus and determination to accomplish things. This will in turn increase your productivity. Your mind will be more focused on the one thing in front of you – patient care.

Remember that we are all running our own race. All of us start at a different starting point. The more important thing is to see progress within ourselves. When your mind is clear on that, you get more space in your brain to focus patient care and simply doing your work. You will be less preoccupied. You will be more focused. You will be less rushed as more brain power is recruited to focus on taking care of your patients.

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