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Are You Your Biggest Fan?

Mar 09, 2023

I remember the very first time when I was asked if I was my own biggest fan. The first thought that came to my mind was, what kind of question was that? Then more thoughts came up, such as, what do you mean, or how am I my biggest fan, or why will I be my biggest fan.

Why not?

A fan is a person who affirms, adores and unconditionally loves a particular thing or person. Imagine yourself as the biggest fan of a singer. Let us use Adele as an example. To be her biggest fan, You would find out what she likes or does not like, what her habits are, when and where she will have concerts, etc. You will do your best to find out as much as you can about her.

You are supporting her every step, believing her choices are right. You love her personality, her outfits, her words, her voice. You simply think of her as the greatest thing in the world. Even though she makes a mistake or does something you do not necessarily agree with, you continue to support her. Even though you know logically that every human being is imperfect, to you, she is the closest to perfection. Your fan love for her is unconditional. You love her for being her. Even though she makes a mistake, you will not abandon her and will instead life her up and carry her through challenging times.

Are you this kind of a fan to yourself?

Why not?

It may be strange to think of yourself fan-worthy in the beginning. Many of you are probably like me in the past, that question about being the biggest fan of yourself never crossed my mind. I was not thinking much about myself. I did not think I had much to contribute. Not good enough was what I believe I was. I was constantly comparing myself with other people believing that they were better and I would never be as good or as successful.

Being your own biggest fan is in fact not too complicated. If you are alive, you are worthy to be on this Earth to roam, to exist, to contribute.

To be a fan of yourself starts with loving yourself. The love is unconditional. It is independent of your status, your actions or who you know. This love is no matter what happens. You love who you are. You love where you are. You love what you can do. You trust yourself in having limitless potential.

The biggest fan is always full of gratitude. As you own biggest fan, be grateful for all of you – the good, the bad and the ugly. In the ultimate fan’s eyes, there is probably no “ugly”, but room to improve and do better.

Being a true fan generates excitement and honor just to be associated with who you admire. You cannot wait to share this with the world. This is the same for being your own biggest fan. You want to share with other people what you are good at and do not want to be the best kept secret.

Die-hard fans in general celebrate everything about their idols. To be your own biggest fan, start to celebrate everything about you, everything big and small.

To be your own biggest fan is fun and loving. You get to be your biggest cheerleader to do hard things, and to unearth the hidden potential you have.

Are you your biggest fan? Why not?

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